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The Affect that Drinking and Driving has on New York City’s Society

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The Affect that Drinking and Driving has on New York City’s Society

Category: Thesis

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: Masters

Pages: 11

Words: 3025

The Affect that Drinking and Driving have on New York City’s Society. The paper herein discusses the main effects that drunk driving has on New York City’s society, particularly individuals between 21 and 29 years of age. These effects include loss of lives, financial, physical, mental and emotional effects. In summary, loss of lives and physical impacts such as paralysis and injury are a short-term consequence of drunk driving. On the other hand, mental and emotional effects such as depression, flares of anger, feeling of loneliness among other facets are both a short-term and a long-term consequence of the incident. This analysis assesses all the latter stated impacts in great detail. Also highlighted will be the causes as well as the number of people affected of drunk driving in the city. Nonetheless, since not everyone agrees that driving under the influence has adverse effects on New York’s society, the paper will also address two counterarguments by the opposition and discuss the credibility of these claims. Finally, the paper delves deeper into the impact issue by utilizing a practical example of New York people that were affected by a drunk driving incident that occurred in July 2015.
According to alcoholics victorious, alcohol-related car crashes causes the death of an individual in the United States every 22 minutes (Alcoholics Victorious, 2015). Moreover, at any single minute, one in every fifty drivers behind the wheel is drunk; this rate increases to one in ten…

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