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The advantage and disadvantages of Internet

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet
According to Radu (116) internet is one of the most commonly used global networks that connects billions of computers. Approximately over one hundred and ninety countries are linked to the internet in their attempt to exchange data, business news, or any other similar opinions towards development. According to the latest Internet Live Statistics of 2015 it gets projected that internet users are around 3, 179,035,200 globally. This estimated number represents almost forty percent of the entire global population. It got indicated according to the statistics that China is the leading country with many internet users. They are followed by the United States and India respectively.
Hunsinger et al., (147) argued that the Internet has become one of the great channels of communication that enrich people with different ideas in various fields. This versatile facility makes it possible to complete numerous tasks within the shortest time possible. One can, therefore, work conveniently on a preferred task by simply having a few clicks on the computer. The internet makes it possible to complete the daily work and services that require a detailed research and formalities that should get accomplished beforehand. The advancement of technology has made everything available on the internet. This facet ensures that an instant solution gets reached when one search on a particular issue online.
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