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Texting is Killing English

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Texting is Killing English

Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: Education

Level: College

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Texting is killing language
Answered Questions
Question one. The speech came first in the human history, and people are defaulted to give the oral speech more than to writing. A speech is also telegraphic and comes in a packet of ten to seven words. Writing tends to use a lot more words, and it is not telegraphic.Question two. An instance of someone talking similarly to writing is when; he or she is giving a formal and written speech. The speaker will use the long sentences as they are in the speech. McWhorter provides an example of an address in one of those old movies (McWhorter n.pg).Question three. Texting resembles oral speech in the fact when one is giving an oral speech they tend to care less about punctuations and the capital letters. When texting one tends to overlook the same bits of the language, they overlook when giving an oral speech.
The conditions to have texting are as an oral speech is the presence of the resources that allow the message relayed to the receiver almost instantaneously like in oral speech. This condition is possible because of the cell phones and other electronic devices in our pockets and bags.
Question four. “LOL” according to McWhorter is a marker of empathy and accommodation and he refers to it as a pragmatic particle. It becomes part of the language used when having a casual talk (McWhorter n.pg).Question five. McWhorter talks of texting of texting as a new dialect that…

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