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Texas Environmental Policies

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Texas Environmental Policies
The environment is among the natural resources that a community and individuals should take care of since the well-being of such reflects on other areas like the air and water. Every local administration of a state should put measures in place to protect and help preserve the environment. Policies and regulations act as a guideline on how the citizens will treat the environment in which they live in(McGarity 1783). Texas has many natural resources and if maintained well and used in moderation would last long. The national government has realized this and therefore takes hold of the control; however, the federal government feels it should be the one in control of the area since it is within its jurisdiction. The national constitution’s mandate is to protect each part of the country irrespective of availability of natural and other fabricated resources and despite who manages the area(Lyons 1620).
The Environment policies in Texas have ganged up to educate the public on the importance of taking care of the environment and the benefits that they rake from the care. They advocate for cleaner environments and clear water, air, and help improve the quality enjoyed by the public(Blais 18). The quality of all this has an indirect effect on the health of the people around the area. Clean air helps pre…

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