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Tesla-Strategy/Structure Analysis

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Tesla-Strategy/Structure Analysis

Category: Capstone Project

Subcategory: Management

Level: Masters

Pages: 9

Words: 2475

Tesla Structural Analysis
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Tesla Structural Analysis
Tesla corporate level strategy is to refocus their attention towards energy provision instead of seeking for means to improve and expand the all EV market. The EV market expansion will prove too big a challenge for Tesla to handle, especially with competitors joining the market. Even though Tesla enjoys a competitive advantage in the all EV market due to superior technology and advanced technology in the manufacture of the EVs, large multinational automobile companies have deeper pockets and the ability to match the technical nous and advantage that Tesla presently enjoys. Among the business level strategies that Tesla needs to adopt is to do a market survey of potential markets where its energy products may have a high demand. Unexploited markets such as Africa and the middle east that experience long intervals of the Sun present such market options. Investing in low-cost technology to lower the cost of the batteries is also top of the agenda among the most important business level strategies that Tesla needs to undertake.
Question one: Identify the form of technology- pooled, sequential, or reciprocal- necessary to produce the organization’s work
A pooled form of interdependence is a structure that portrays a high form of independence among the various units of an organization. Each unit performs its functions independently, but their products contribute tow…

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