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Terrorism Revised

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College Composition
The biggest threat to the world’s security today is terrorism. Terrorism has made the world a dangerous place that no longer provides bliss and safety but affliction on the innocent civilians. Terror attacks have been on the rise across the globe and nations both developed and developing are now directing their efforts at ending global terror. The recent terrorist attack in the Parish, France was so bloody and lethal. Nonetheless, what is the cause of terrorism?
The causes of terrorism are in bulk, and nations committed to fighting terrorism ought to really understand the major causes of terrorism therefore determined in neutralizing it. First, social and political injustices appear to be the greatest cause of terrorism across the globe. Some nations have governments that are dictatorial, and this leads to rebellion. When rebellion against a government takes to a route, the opposing sect can engage in terrorism to destabilize the government. However, the United States government has always been at the forefront as a superpower nation to promote democracy across the world but that sometimes lands on deaf ears in some countries (West). Taking the example of some parts of Middle East which are associated with heat, camel rearing, and rampant corruption, international terrorists’ attacks by Al-Qaeda, Hamas and ISIS show indicate historical injustices (Szyliowicz and Çelebi). The region is too hostile, and the norm of hos…

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