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Terrorism Revised

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Terrorism Revised

Category: Book Review

Subcategory: Chemical Engineering

Level: College

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College Composition
The biggest threat to the world’s security today is terrorism. Terrorism has made the world a dangerous place that no longer provides bliss and safety but affliction on the innocent civilians. Terror attacks have been on the rise across the globe and nations both developed and developing are now directing their efforts at ending global terror. The recent terrorist attack in the Parish, France was so bloody and lethal. Nonetheless, what is the cause of terrorism?
The causes of terrorism are in bulk, and nations committed to fighting terrorism ought to really understand the major causes of terrorism therefore determined in neutralizing it. First, social and political injustices appear to be the greatest cause of terrorism across the globe. Some nations have governments that are dictatorial, and this leads to rebellion. When rebellion against a government takes to a route, the opposing sect can engage in terrorism to destabilize the government. However, the United States government has always been at the forefront as a superpower nation to promote democracy across the world but that sometimes lands on deaf ears in some countries (West). Taking the example of some parts of Middle East which are associated with heat, camel rearing, and rampant corruption, international terrorists’ attacks by Al-Qaeda, Hamas and ISIS show indicate historical injustices (Szyliowicz and Çelebi). The region is too hostile, and the norm of hostilities in the region has given the evil-minded individuals more ground to engage in terrorism for reasons best known to them. Social injustices like rape and tribal differences and alienation from other forms of social interactions are not a good reason that can force individuals into acts of terrorists. Political injustices can be resolved amicably without engaging in terrorism; however, still the evil minds could see terrorism as the only way to retaliate against their enemies by causing political instability in their nations and other parts of the world. Surprisingly, social and political injustices as a cause of terrorism appear too difficult to fathom.
Secondly, the belief in violence. It can be fathomed that many individuals who see violence as the only solution to achieve their needs engage in terrorism with no thought of its consequences. Violence has held some nations back regarding development. The war-torn nations like Somalia have not had an opportunity to focus on development. Gunshots, explosions, loss of life and property have characterized nations who are the original breeding grounds for terrorists. Also, people who choose terrorist tactics are invariably convinced that violence is effective in making them achieve their needs.
Thirdly, insurgency- some nations have suffered greatly as a result of insurgents who end up building up strong terrorist networks to overthrow the legitimate governments. The governments that are democratically elected find themselves facing a full-blown opposing force that is determined to illegally introduce their government. Boko Haram in Nigeria has been causing atrocities against the innocent civilians with an objective of destabilizing the Nigerian government so that they can get “an evil opportunity” to install their governments that can be dictatorial (Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos)
Fourth, secessionism-secessionism can be a good idea if implemented through treaties. However, if a secessionist group comes in full swing and with no time to negotiate over the seceding from the bigger the nation violence can take its course .When violence becomes a characteristic of a nation on account of secessionism, terrorism can easily slip into the globe.
Finally, indoctrination- some folks get completely indoctrinated to a point they see terrorism as a fabulous phenomenon. The international terrorists that are today widely spread must have been brainwashed to believe that terrorism is part and parcel of life and joining terrorist groups to further terrorism shall make life comfortable. Further, the terrorists radicalize the vulnerable individuals by hiding behind religion. The terrorists shall preach teachings that appear to be true, and this grows the recruitment of new terrorists. Otherwise, if there could be no indoctrination terror groups would have reduced to an insignificant level that can easily be neutralized.
Nevertheless, the effects of terrorism are not laughable but lethal and calamitous. Afflictions, atrocities and all kinds of evils associated with terrorism have the worst effects on the economy, political organizations and social forms of societies. The effects are numerous and perhaps countless.
First, there is a loss of life and property. When terrorists struck Paris, Mogadishu, Somalia, Algeria lives were not spared. Innocent folks are massacred in cold blood. Terrorism has always been targeting to destroy lives and by extension property of huge value. Candidly speaking, it appears like the magnitude and intensity of terrorism can be felt when life and property are lost according to minds of terrorists. In the recent Paris Attacks over 100 lives were lost in a span of minutes.
Psychological trauma is what drives terrorists. They massacre and destroy property and leave the survivors traumatized and stuck in fear. It is a great pain to visualize how a terrorist attack brought the whole world to a standstill. The mind and its mental processes seemingly can come to a standstill. Depression, stress and other psychotic and neurotic disorders can occur to the survivors of terror attacks, and this affects their livelihoods until their end day on earth (Kinchin, 100).
Lack of peace and harmony. Nations that forcibly offer a training ground for terrorists see peace and harmony as something that never and can never exist amidst them. The terrorists destroy the social fabric of the society and cause disharmony all the time. For example, some parts of Middle East have not at any point enjoyed peace since terrorism took the better part of their society.
Economically, terrorism slows down the economic progress of the affected nations. Iraq, Iran, and Somalia have the potential for economic growth, but that has been impossible through the acts of terrorists. There is no stability at all in those countries, and that has paralyzed trade and exploitation of resources available in those countries to achieve economic growth. Politically, terrorism has disorganized legal-political institutions in the affected nations. That results to political instability that inhibits the growth of democracy and enhances dictatorship that does not add any iota of value to humanity. (Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos)
In summary, the causes and effects of terrorism can be direct or indirect. However, cooperation among nations is mandatory to end terrorism Also, understanding terrorism as an international crime calls for international concerted efforts to end terrorism by all means.

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