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Temperament is what best describes a person. It is more of the factors that affect the way in which a person behaves. The factors are seemingly engraved within the personality of an individual since it is hard to change the person behavior. The factors are thus qualifiable to be inborn and not easy to learn. They include things like the way a person talks, the way they feel about things, and the way they respond to circumstances.
An example of temperament is a person who fits the description of the factors that influence their behavior. For instance, in the workplace, there are people who are cool, aggressive, easily tempered, tolerant, among other descriptions. To ensure that in the workplace that the results achievable are met comfortably, it is essential that those who assign responsibilities pair the right matches of temperaments. Moreover, when people who have temperaments that are not compatible are paired, it becomes difficult to work, and the likely results are endless arguments, fights or even non-performance.
As an accountant student, I realize that this topic is essential in day to day life as well in the future of my career. The understanding their people are of different temperaments informs the accountants to be ready to deal with people who come to them. Some of the clients that the accountants serve in a day today have different temperaments, and some may be furious at a slight mistake while others may find it normal. It is a good topic even as I prepare into getting into the corporate world to serve as a certified accountant. Accounting is not an easy task because of the many calculations that are involved and at times it might strain an accountant to reveal their real selves. It is a situation that is likely to happen in the case that the accountant is tired, and the maths is not balancing. The accountants with temperaments that are unfavorable can end up turning their anger on clients. The topic trains me that I need to have self-control when dealing with clients even when things are not adding up well.
The topic is equally important to the society because it helps them appreciate the fact that their behavior is a result of certain factors that are inborn. However, more to the realization, the society can reflect on their temperament if it is good or bad. Those who find that their temperaments are not favorable for relations may work on improving it. It is not easy to change temperament; it takes accepting and trying to practice self-control. When the society understands that temperament is a true concept and that it entails that there are differences in the way people think and respond to issues then peace would prevail. Families and society would appreciate utmost harmony because they would not be swift to judge others, other they can want to know the cause for what they did what they did.
Finally, I am happy that the class has changed my way of thinking completely. Before this class, I would not want to appreciate any single did that any of the friends and family did that seemed to hurt me. I have realized that we have different personalities and that them doing whatever they did may have been prompted by their temperaments. I have realized that human behavior on the way they react is based on innate factors that are not tangible.

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