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Teenage Suicide

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Teenage Suicide

Category: Evaluation Essay

Subcategory: Government

Level: High School

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Teenage Suicide
Suicide among teens has become one of the emerging issue our community. It has become the major cause of death among teens. The statistics are shocking for society, government and policy makers. It is found that almost one out of five teenagers is committing suicides. The numbers are even greater for those who attempted suicide major reasons for suicide are: the rebellious behavior, homosexuality, frustration, and hopelessness. The most popular ways of committing suicide are: using firearms, an overdose of drugs and poison.
Suicide is one of the biggest public health challenges among teenagers with self-harm being high and suicide being the second most common cause of death among teenagers globally. The main contributors to these suicide and self-harm include psychological, genetic and psychiatric vulnerability, social, familial and cultural factors. Effects of the media and its contagions are also very important, with the Internet playing the main role. To prevent suicide and self-harm universal measures have to be directed at young people in general and these initiatives have to be directed towards the high-risk groups such as the teenagers. There is very little evidence of the positive effects of psychiatric and psychological help especially with the controversy surrounding the use of antidepressants. The restriction to a means of suicide is an important way of controlling these vicesCITATION Haw12 p 1 l 1033 (Hawthon, …

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