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Governing Regulatory Documents

Nuclear Operator Licensing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation A systematic approach to training in nuclear operation can be defined as a specific type of training offered or designed for only employees or workers of a specific company. These methodological training activities and approaches are intended to equip the company's employees with relevant tools, skills, and knowledge to enable them to pursue the interests of the company with high competence and safety. For the case of Nuclear Operating Company, such training is intended to reduce the risks and accidents associated with various operations in the company like radioactive substances emission. The other advantage of such training...

Robotic’s motion planing

Solution to the Robot’s Navigation problem Name Course Tutor University Date City Abstract In the field of robotics, there are a couple of question which ought to be answered in the process of developing efficient and effective robots. For example in a physical world, how is it possible for a robot to achieve motion deciding the turns and twists to make to achieve a particular task in the physical world? Initially, there were insufficient capabilities of motion planning in the industrial robotic programming system. However, this field has grown to space exploration to intervention in hazardous environments by robots. These put into consideration makes the navigation problem become among...

Safety Analysis Report

Safety Analysis Report Student’s Name: Institution: Safety Analysis Report Question one Defense in depth would include software security in a nuclear facility. Through software, it is easier to integrate many aspects of the facility’s security as required by the NRC regulations (NRC, 2018). Software security integrates various security activities of the facility into a continuous model. Through the integration of several aspects of the facility, it provides greater security to the facility. The facility can look to integrate its technology programs, systems, supporting processes, implementing processes and equipment. It also allows monitoring of these aspects of the facility, which...

Dexter- go pi go

Mobile Robots Obstacle Avoidance Using Ultrasonic Sensors and Neural Control System Name Course Tutor University Date City Abstract This laboratory aims to familiarize oneself with the functioning of a mobile robot learning how to write the robot's navigation program. The primary objective is to write a program to make the robot move forward until it detects an obstacle. On identifying barriers, it ought to turn either right or left depending on the available free space. Further investigation is carried out to compare the performance of the robot in the real environment as compared to the simulated one. Additionally, the student will get conversant with the communication protocol of the...

Automotive Electrical / Electronic and Emissions Systems

Rationale for Automotive Electronic Emission Systems Curriculum Name Institution Rationale for Automotive Electronic Emission Systems Curriculum Introduction The symbiotic relationship in the different technologies used in the automotive industry call for cooperation from the relevant stakeholders. There is a sincere desire for the marriage of the computer technology with other section of the automotive industry such as gasoline fuel ignition and the emission control diagnosis repair for us to yield products which meet the formidable demands of the industry. Therefore, it is the purpose of this paper to present a rationale for developing automotive electrical or emission training program. This...

How Information Technology (IT) impacts my career in Marketing

Name: How Information Technology (IT) Impacts my career in Marketing Institution: How Information Technology (IT) impacts my career in Marketing Introduction Marketing is of fundamental importance to any organization whose aim is profit maximization; this is because, through marketing, the organization can increase its sales subsequently higher profits are earned. In this era of globalization, where competition is more intense than never before and more new market globally, Information technology is used as a fundamental tool in the market. For any company to attain competitive edge, it must employ all aspect of information technology in the marketing of its products and services to potential...

effects of Medical Technological Advances on The Society

Effects of Medical Technological Advances on the Society Name of Student: Course: Course Instructor: Date: Effects of Medical Technological Advances on the Society Medical technology encompasses a wide range of healthcare products and is used to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases or medical complications affecting humans (Roberts, 2014). Such technologies are intended to improve the quality of healthcare delivered through earlier diagnosis. The medical technological advances affect the society in terms of making it possible to conduct medical checkups from homes (Hsieh, 2009). It is observed that the growing demand for monitoring people’s state of health in any environment has led to...

Mr Bill

Formula for total daily expenses To sum up daily expenses, Fj = SUM (Bj:Ej), where, j is the column number. For instance, total daily expenses for; 14-Sep = F5 = SUM (B5:E5) 15-Sep = F6 = SUM (B6:E6) 16-Sep = F7 = SUM (B7:E7) 17-Sep = F8 = SUM (B8:E8) 18-Sep = F9 = SUM (B9:E9) 19-Sep = F10 = SUM (B10:E10) And the grand total for all daily expenses = F11 = SUM (F5:F10) Weekly totals The formula for weekly totals per class of expense will be given by: Auto/Gas weekly totals = B13 = SUM (B5:B11) Hotels weekly totals = C13 = SUM (C5:C11) Meals weekly totals = D13 = SUM (D5:D11) Weekly totals for other expenses = E13 = SUM (E5:E11) Receipt required Print YES To print YES in column G...

building a complete WIFI network for edison community college

Building a complete WIFI network for Edison Community College Name: Institution: Abstract There are many advantages of using the internet connection in Edison community college. For example, this will provide a better learning environment. The use of the internet within the classroom is good and contributes to the positive and advantageous learning environment in which students’ concentration and participation are enormously achieved. By including the internet in the classroom, the educators achieve the imminent goals of enabling discussions, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity within the students. The internet will present a knowledgeable insight to the students and provides...