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Technology Coursework

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Technology Coursework

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Dss Class Discussion 6 and 7
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Personal Development
TED talk is short video normally limited to a maximum length of eighteen minutes based on any topic. It is created from performances at the Technology, Internet, Design (TED) conference or other TED satellite events all over the world (O’Mara, 2018). TED talks may include talks on leisure and group work. Despite the great achievements one can achieve from working in groups, there are times when one may find it difficult to work in a team. It may be due to personal and environmental factors.
Personal weaknesses may be a stabling block in any kind of work, especially when working in small groups (O’Mara, 2018). Perfectionism and punctuality are my major weaknesses when working in a team comprising a few people. When given projects and tasks to accomplish, my goal is always to give the best results. I tend to be overwhelmed by perfectionism which makes me turn in things late because I don’t want to delegate work. Regardless of the benefits of delegation and allowing others to fulfill their task goals, perfectionism has been a controlling factor. I don’t give myself enough room for error, and also, I lack the patience to grow when performing group work activities. Other weaknesses include being too critical of myself and always attempting to please everyone.
It is the desire of every person to achieve excellence in every task he/she undertakes. Self-improvement is not a one-day issu…

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