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Taming Of The Shrew

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Taming Of The Shrew

Category: Creative Essay

Subcategory: Shakespeare

Level: Academic

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Justification of Petruchio’s Animalistic Behavior
In The Taming of the Shrew, a man, Petruchio, is portrayed as a money-grubbing wife hunter. He is out to find a rich wife when he gets information about Katherine Minola, portrayed as aggressive and bad-tempered. She is a rich woman, though, and Petruchio agrees to marry her. While many would consider the animistic behavior, such as male dominance as being negative and oppressive towards the female character, and the end it pays off as he is able to tame Katherine finally, making her an obedient, honey-tongued trophy wife. In this essay, the behavior is justified from a consequentialist perspective that, the end justifies the means (Beauregard, 73).
The Katherine that gives a speech at the end of the play is completely different from the character that is introduced at the beginning of Act I. this is a new Katherine, who is quiet, modest and obedient. Until Act V, these were qualities of the character that were not evident. For instance, at the beginning of the story, men testified of her shrewdness. One of her sister’s suitors, Hortensio, reassures her that there is “[n]o mate for you [u]nless you were of gentler, milder mould” I.I.59-60. This shows how bad her character was, at least from a male’s perspective. Therefore, the change in her would be summed up as a good thing, and the way the change was achieved does n…

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