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Surveillance and National Security

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Surveillance and National Security

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Surveillance and National Security

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Surveillance and National Security.
The government requires preserving sensitive personal information of their citizens from foreigners. The government should always be transparent in their dealings. However, when dealing with a foreigner, the government should always keep a secret information about the individual secretive. This is because the secretive information provided by the government can be used against the individual by his or her enemies or by any other party that is targeting the person (Brissenden 2013: n. p.). This will lead to a situation whereby there will be conflict between the individual and the responsible government. The government of the foreigner may also get involved in the conflict because their citizen was not protected. The two countries may get into a serious conflict mainly if his or her government on a mission had sent the foreigner and the mission is terminated because of the act of exposing the foreigner. It is therefore important for the government to release sensitive information about a foreigner only if it is necessary.
The mass collection of data by the intelligence agencies is a cause of concern. This is because the action invades the privacy of the individual citizens. With the mass collection of data, a person can be spied on without his or her knowledge of what is going on (Brissenden 2013: n. p.). Citizens around the world should …

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