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support the continuation of the US implementation of Nuclear Power

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Support the continuation of the US implementation of Nuclear Power
Nuclear power is sourced from the core of atoms of specific elements. The core of an element is also called nucleus, which is held together by a lot of energy. Once the nucleus of an atom has split the energy used to bind it is released and tapped to provide electricity that is used for domestic and commercial purposes. USA is the world number one producer of nuclear energy, with over 100 nuclear reactors power plants across the USA. Based on 2014 statics from the nucleus energy institute, it was noted 19% of total energy spend across America was sourced from nuclear energy that had produced 798 billion kWhs as noted by (Fischhoff, Baruch, et al. 136). The adoption of the application of nuclear power was due to the need for energy source diversification just in case one may fail, and dependent energy activities will be prompted to go to a standstill.
Support of the use of nuclear power in the US
Currently, the use of nuclear power has been not only politicized but also due to economic concerns. The prices of oil have been rising and falling in the markets and American need a stable source of energy that is reliable and affordable as explained by (Cohen, 170). The operational cost of a pre-existing plant is comparably cheaper to running a gas and an oil plant, and the gross energy produced by nuclear plants is considerably higher than for gas and oil. There have bee…

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