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Category: Movie Review

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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Sundiata the Lion King
Sundiata is the most epic and heroic story of African origin. Sundiata was the first king of Mali and the greatest and most capable, and thus his people used to refer to him as the lion king, their hero. He was the twelfth born son of King Meghan, who was said to have the strength of a lion and his mother, Sogolan Conde’ who was also referred to as the buffalo because she was so ugly and hunchbacked. His father intended that he would be his successor as it had been foreseen that he was destined for greatness. His father married Sogolan so as to combine her spirit of a buffalo and his of a lion. When his father died, the first wife who ill-treated Sogolan and Sundiata, ensured her son ascended to the throne. Sogolan tried to heal her son with herbs and portions as he couldn’t walk for seven years. One day Sundiata with the help of an iron rod, raised himself to his knees and stood freely on his two legs.Sassouma attempted to use witchcraft because she was afraid of Sundiata increasing power that it failed because of Sundiata goodness. Sundiata went into exile and meanwhile the kingdom was overtaken by soumaoro (Sundiata 45). Sundiata and his family lived in exile for many years until word was sent that they should return, and thus he formed a private army and stayed close to his people. Sundiata returned heroically and in glory and took over the kingdom by forming alliances with neighboring West African states and w…

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