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Summary Role of Rules Official in Tournament Edited

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Summary Role of Rules Official in Tournament Edited

Category: Article Review

Subcategory: Sports

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Summary Role of Rules Official in Tournament
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Summary Role of Rules Official in Tournament
There are many officials with a diverse role in a PGA tournament game with each official working to attain a successful tournament. Ideally, the rule officials communicate and advice the player’s about the rules in the tournament by asking them to identify the number of their balls and the brand (Magdulski & Ritter, 2009). Besides, the rule officials have the role of interpreting the event that took place during the game. Additionally, the rule official observes the game accurately through being alert most of the time. This study intends to review an article on sports and summarize the roles of the rule officials during a tournament.
The article reveals that the rule official monitors every group in the tournament. Besides, the rule official gives time to the player to hit the shot. Rule official helps the players to improve especially the slow player by ensuring that they can improve and do better. Rule official gives a player respite from obstruction. The officials also disqualify a player after the violation of rules. For example, Craig Stadlers is disqualified for putting the towel down to prevent his trouser from getting dirty.
The ruling official is tasked with the responsibility of filing a weekly internal report of the proceedings and attend seminars on a frequent basis to get additional knowledge. Rule official works tirelessly t…

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