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Summary of the Article: Journalism, climate science, and the public: Towards better practices
The media play a pivotal role in informing the public about ongoing scientific innovations and advancements. In the extremely extensive and insightful essay, Steve McIlwaine criticizes the role of journalists and their shortcomings when it comes to climate change reporting. He cites that the complex matter of climate change and its indicators are by far the most crucial subjects that the media covers today. Be that as may, the media seems to be fixated only on the political and social controversies of the issue ending up gravely misinforming the public. While journalists have indicated the will and the dedication to reporting everything regarding climate, ‘the lay public also requires that they underpin this reporting with reliable accounts of what is driving the debate’ (McIlwaine 48). The study thus majors on the thesis that journalistic reports regarding the same should be concise and based on clear comprehension of the subject matter for it to inform the public, as it should.
One would then wonder why there exists the lack of information. It then follows that despite the extensive media coverage on such an area dominated by new inventions, there seems to be a stagnation of knowledge growth among the people. When all that the reporters can gather about this field regards scientist’s duels and poli…

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