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suicide attempt

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suicide attempt

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: College

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Suicide Attempt
Suicide attempt
A suicide attempt is referred to as nonfatal attempt of taking away life. It is triggered by spirited frustrations that people encounter socially and economically. Major ways of executing suicidal acts are self-poisoning and using firearms.
This piece presents detailed information about a 48-year-old man who attempted to commit suicide. The man got rescued thereby securing admission at a suicide attempt victims unit in a local hospital. He was rescued by a stranger who called the rescuing team after finding him helpless on the street.
Nursing diagnosis
Diagnosis procedure done by nurses and other medical practitioners in the hospital revealed that the suicide attempt was triggered by depression attributable to frustration and vigorous thinking. The source of frustrations leading to strong depression includes the death of his wife and two daughters in a tragic road accident, malnutrition, sleep deprivation and alcohol abuse. The nurses revealed that the man can recover when his depression is managed using conventional approaches that include having him in accompany of friends to boost his social ego.
The goal of hospitalizing the victim was to enable him regain consciousness and protect him from self-harm through counseling sessions and programs. The nurses have undertaken to have his behavior transformed through quality medical management, psychological assistance, and alcoholic abuse rehabilitation. The aim is to enable him to live more years despite the loss he suffered.
The notable and effective intervention measure is to eradicate the suicidal thought in the man’s mind. The intervention measure is achievable through counseling to enable him accept the situation as it is, exposure to nurturing mental and physical activities and enhancing his social satisfaction by engaging him in social discussions by friends.
It is apparent that the victim thought of performing self-harm due to frustration and a feeling of social irrelevancy. He got dismayed after losing the family he had thereby developed a thought that there was no reason for living. However, the hospitalization helped him greatly in rebuilding his confidence and accepting the prevailing situation. He got treatment and became conscious mentally, psychologically and socially.

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