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submit a research essay analysing the leadership traits and approaches of richard branson

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The Leadership Traits and Approaches of Richard Branson
Leadership is termed as the ability of an individual or a group of persons who can pool people together and driving them towards a common destiny or objective. Good leaders are perceived to be committed, honest, confident, effective communicators, creative, positive minded and are always inspiring. Richard Branson is viewed as a good leader because he poses the qualities that make a respected leader and he is very successful at what he does. Richard Branson’s story is not all about success because he faced challenges in his academics, but that did not stop him from succeeding. A big number of people believe that the Virgin Group founder is a great leader (Butler-Bowdon 45). From a survey conducted Richard Branson tops with thirty-five percent of the people interviewed supporting him as a great leader and investor.
Leaders have unique traits that make them stand out from the other people. Everyone can be a leader but what makes one person a successful leader than the others is what that individual is made of, and there are several theories to explain leadership. The traits theory claims that good leaders share unique features such as being honest or even being creative that come from the mind and can be represented physically (Branson 13). Another argument is the behavioral theory that influences the results leaders to achieve. The third model is the contingency theory where it is argue…

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