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Subject and Tasks of Medical Psychology

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Subject and Tasks of Medical Psychology

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Subject and Tasks of Medical Psychology
Medical psychology is a branch of psychology that integrates somatic and psychotherapeutic modalities into the management of mental illness and cognitive, emotional behavioral and substance abuse disorders. It is also the application of psychology to the field of medicine involving the treatment of both physical and mental problems. It is involved in the attitude of medical practitioners towards the illness and the patient, the attitude of individuals to the medical team and medication system as well as the attitude of medical practitioners towards their profession. Experts of medical psychology use psychological theories, scientific findings on psychological experiments and the psychotherapy, interpersonal, cognitive, behavior modification and lifestyle techniques to solve psychological and health need of the patients.
The field of medical psychology has developed over the years with significance development taking place towards the end of the 19th century. Generally, clinical psychology is thought to have begun in 1896, when Lighter Witmer put up the very first psychological clinic at the University of Pennsylvania (Trull and Mitchell 49). During the said time, medical psychology was focused on assessment and diagnosis, with very little contribution in treatment. Medication and psychology gradually increased and reached its peak during world war two when there was a huge demand for application o…

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