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stylistic and iconographical analysis of Apollonius’ Seated Boxer

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stylistic and iconographical analysis of Apollonius’ Seated Boxer

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Date: Apollonius’ the Seated Boxer
Most sculptures of Hellenistic era are an ancient masterpiece and such is the seated boxer. It’s considered an iconic piece because of its realistic features and the emotional state that encompasses all of the Hellenistic sculptures. It reveals the physical power and the detailed expressions of time and character.
The piece incorporates several dimensions of art that consist of painting, music, sculpture, and theater.
It was found in Rome in the Quisinal hill. Further, close observance would tell that it had been carefully buried underground in the foundations of the prehistoric building. Originally the symbol would have been set up in a Greek sanctuary or visibly displayed in the athletes’ hometown. The dates and the maker of the sculpture remain unknown. It’s a highly valuable piece since it was buried in antiquity just like many valuables that were preserved in anticipation of the invasion.
The boxer is astoundingly realistic and is seated and seems very exhausted from the match. His wounds are oozing blood from his body, but he still has enough energy to turn his head perhaps to look at his next opponent, or the referee or to listen to a word from his coach, but it’s a mystery as to what captures his attention. He obviously has received to the massive blows but is ready to tend to them himself. His hands are gentle yet shocking at the same t…

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