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Studying abroad is not necessary for a good education

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Studying abroad is not necessary for a good education

Category: Synthesis Essay

Subcategory: Education

Level: Academic

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Studying abroad is not necessary for a good education
Allan Bloom suggested that education is the process by which individual’s transition from darkness to light. In this context, education is supposed to shade light to one’s paths of life. Darkness stands for the situation where one is not informed, and the mind is clouded with ignorance of basic life concepts. Educate replaces an empty mind with a mind that is open as suggested by Malcolm Forbes. Studying abroad requires students to pursue their academics from a foreign country, hoping to get better quality and maybe cost as compared to the native country. Studying abroad is not a guarantee of a quality education due to some factors like the cost, the different culture, language barrier, and overrated expectations would turn the academic pursuit yield not so good results.
Studying abroad most of the times require a good financial contribution, in the situation where the venture has a poor financial planning, expected education is not achieved. Cases of incomplete study are common in the situation where students fail to pay their tuition fees and are unenrolled from the program. Once they are back to their native countries, chances for returning to continue with their education are low and hence making the study abroad experience not good. A good education should have the aspect of affordability, to accommodate both local and international students. Students may be academical…

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