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Study Abroad

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Study Abroad

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Application letter to study abroad
Student name
Institution name
Four specific educational, cultural learning and personal development goals you would like to achieve through your study abroad experience. Explain how the country and program you have applied to attend relate to and will help you accomplish these goals.a. Improving my Spanish skills
The main goal of applying for a study abroad program in Spain is to improve my Spanish skills. I have taken Spanish course for four semesters in the US as an international student from Tokyo, Japan with a major in Finance and a minor in Spanish. I can read and write Spanish, but I have difficulties in listening and writing. My objective being to improve skills in Spanish, I look at the Colegio de España in Spain as my best college that would assist me meets my goal.
The reasons I chose the Colegio de España as the bridge to meet my objective are many and varied. The college has the highest respect as a teaching academy with fully qualified and highly trained teaching staffs and a small class size. The approval of its programs by the numerous foreign universities and its excellent quality-price ratio as well as the family atmosphere makes the Colegio de España the most prestigious international institution for Spanish languages. Intensive training in Spanish at all levels makes it an ideal choice for the ones hoping to study quality Spanish be it a beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, proficiency or post-proficiency. As the history says, over the past two decades several hundred students sponsored by Baruch College, have studied at the Colegio de España through the Spanish Language and Civilization program. The Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature at Baruch College approves the curriculum of this program, and, therefore, I see this as the best chance to achieve my objective of improving my Spanish skills.
Studying Spanish abroad specifically in its mother country offers every best opportunity to practice, participate and learn Spanish. Also, taking the program in the Colegio de España in the city of Salamanca makes it easier and a comfortable place to study Spanish. The city holds over 20 percent of the youth inhabitants and, therefore, has youth vibrancy. The Plaza Mayor view in the night hours complements the city’s venerable past. According to the history, Salamanca city produced the first Grammar of the Castilian language, therefore, keeping the reputation as the center of the pure Castilian. For this reason, students find it the favored destination to learn the Castilian Spanish. I find the Salamanca City providing the best environment and college to improve my Spanish skills.
The social interaction with the Spanish citizens and cultural activities offered to program participants at the Colegio de España provides a strong background for improving my skills in the Spanish language. First, being in Spain already gives me the chance to interact with the local Spanish speakers, therefore, making it easier to achieve my objective. Secondly, studying the program at the Colegio de España which gives one every chance to participate in extra-curricular and cultural activities gives another chance to improve my listening and speaking Spanish. I will be participating in live music performances, concerts, dance, theaters, movie, tour, excursions and other social activities. These activities provided by the college will help improve my Spanish skills, therefore, helping me in meeting my objective.
b. Personal development as International person
Studying abroad is a highly rewarding experience. The students who come back from studying the abroad programs usually describe their life experience as the life-changing. By studying abroad, one develops a profound effect concerning the way he/she views the world and his/her place within it. It takes one out of the comfort zone, and it perpetually challenges you. As an individual, one develops the self-reliance and independence. The experiences from abroad assist one in maturing both academically and personally as well as improving one’s career aspects. According to the study by International Education of Systems (EIS, 1950-1990), 98% of the respondents responded to the benefits of studying abroad as academic, cultural, career and personal development. Therefore, studying abroad will assist me achieve my goal of personal development.
As an international person, studying abroad helps me launch my career. Including the study abroad experiences in my curriculum vitae can enhance my chances of job success, therefore, personal development. It does not only talk about my academic achievements but also shows my personal determination and ambition. It gives me a chance to fit and work in a global workplace as well as diversifying my work experience. Internships under the programs studied abroad happen to be the unrivaled mean of experiencing the local culture in your work experience and assists one in improving the skills in the foreign languages. Spain as country abroad helps me achieve this goal and my program that is a foreign language diversifies my work experience and puts me in a global job market that is a personal development for an international person.
Beyond affecting educational or career development, one of the most intangible and significant effects of studying abroad is that the participants improve the comprehension of their biases and cultural values. One develops more sophisticated means of looking the world as an impact of studying abroad. Also, some students with broad studies gain unique sets of skills that make them as future leaders. They become leaders with the skills to navigate humanely, effectively and positively across various cultures that are beneficial for an international person. Studying the Spanish language in Spain as a Japan citizen helps you achieve personal development.
Making life-long friends is another personal development of a benefit gained by an international person studying abroad. The shared experience of learning and living together abroad forms a life-long bond of friendship. According to IES research, studying abroad leads to participants forging an enduring friendship with persons from all over the world. It enhances the social developments of many participants. It also encourages the informal grouping of different parties all over the world thus improving the spirit of working as a team that is essential to an international person.
c. Cultural learning and experiences
Cultural education is another major thing I would like to achieve through my study abroad experience. The Colegio de España in Spain organizes several free cultural activities for the program participants. They range from concerts, classes in theater and dance, sports activities and the showing of films. Under the cultural learning, the college also has additional cultural activities such guided tours to historical monuments of the city and excursions to other cities.
The live performing of the music in front of the audience as part of the concert will be a greater opportunity to grab during my program. The concert is normally a fun activity that gives an extra boost to student’s spirits during the day, therefore, will make me feel relaxed and experience a lightness of emotions. They provide happy memories thus keeping me engaged, happy and give a chance to listen and experience my favorite bands playing live. There is a sense of feeling involved in concerts and also get the chance to interact with the local communities that are an excellent chance to improve my Spanish language speaking and listening. The Colegio de España organizes these live performances for the program participants, therefore, offering me an excellent and a direct chance to achieve my objective.
Apart from concerts, the Colegio de España in Spain organizes the sports activities such as horse-riding for the program participants. Different classes of sports offered in this college open up a broader way to get involved in various categories of games where some are locally based. Participating in such activities offers cultural learning regarding the Spanish culture. Also, Colegio de España close relationship with “Alfonso X, el Sabio” which is a cultural institution founded in 1970 offers the program participant ample chances to participate in the Spanish culture. It also helps in creating a comfortable and hospitable environment to practice and learn them. The Salamanca town council that organizes the summer of culture activities in July and August in Spain makes it possible for me to learn their culture
Studying the Spanish language abroad in Colegio de España also gives the student a better opportunity to learn the Spanish culture. The college offers some other cultural activities such as theater and dance classes as well as the traditional singing lessons. Colegio de España organizes the dance lessons such as flamenco and salsa, Spanish culturally based dance, to the program participants. Also, the tutors together with the students go out in small groups to have some tapas. The college also takes part in organizing the most special dinners in some of the typical restaurant in the area and also in their traditional bodegas. Spain having such traditional bodegas and restaurants assist me achieve my objective of learning the Spain culture. Colegio de España also plays a big role in assisting me achieve my objective my offering such benefits to the program participants.
Excursions offered to the program participants in Colegio de España every month is another way that would assist me achieve my objective. The college organizes outing to the cities of historical or the artistic interest. It has one-day excursions to places such as Segovia, León, Burgos, Astorga-León, La Alberca-Miranda del Castañar, Ciudad Rodrigo and El Escorial- Ávila. It also has three-day excursions to cities such as Galicia, Madrid-Toledo, and Portugal. Lastly, it organizes five-day excursions to cities such as Andalucía (Sevilla-Córdoba-Granada). The diversity of cities and the period of the tour takes to give ample time to concentrate on studying the Spanish culture. Spain as a country facilitates the objective achievement the reason being it has numerous cities of historical and artistic interest. Also, the program opens ways to learning the Spanish culture by organizing excursions to these cities.
d. Exploring Spain
Spain is a land of numerous pleasures: The enjoyment of the afternoon siesta on the white-sand beach, and the famous dance to the rhythm of the flamenco guitar drives one to explore Spain. Lingering over the plate of tapas and wandering off the narrow streets of the centuries-old village gives one the yearning to explore Spain. No matter how much frequent you visit Spain, you will never find yourself lacking landscapes or new places to explore the mountains of the Basque in the north regions to the Moorish citadels in the south.
Studying abroad (in Spain) gives me an excellent opportunity to explore Spain. Also, taking a Spanish program in The Colegio de España makes it better and easier for me to explore Spain. This possibility is facilitated by the diversity of the cultural activities and some other extra-curricular activities given as a priority in the college to the program participants. Sports activities, dinners and excursions to different historical and artistic cities of interest exposes one to the wonders and pleasures of the cities, hotels, landscapes, hotels and other tourist attraction sites in Spain. Activities like learning the flamenco dance in Madrid, traveling to witness the creation of the traditional human towers in Catalonia are some of the cultural activities chances to explore Spain.
Spain’s fantastic climate remains to be the envy of the rest of the European countries. It provides about five thousand miles of the beautiful coastline adorned by beautiful beaches. Being a country that attracts millions of visitors and tourists every year, it gives me the yearning to explore it. The history of the famous Costas extending from the Costa del Sol on the southern side of Spain to Galicia the northern coastline and to the Lanzarote beaches in the Canary Islands provides a greater opportunity to explore. Different climate changes experienced in various regions in Spain ranging from mild winters to dry summers gives one a better chance to explore as you study in the country.
The types of accommodation offered in Spain motels and hotels also gives one the urge and assists one in achieving the objective to explore Spain. It provides a wide array of options such as villas for rent, 5-star luxury hotels, romantic holiday hotspots just to mention a few. Studying in Colegio de España gives you a chance to explore the places through various cultural activities such as tours, excursions and others.
How I will integrate this study abroad, experience to my further academic career at Baruch College and life plans after graduation
Studying abroad will give me a wide range of my future career expectations. My interaction with people from various continents widens my perspective on diversity in education and career development. I intend to gain more education and knowledge on study various subjects I learned English as an international language to help me interact with as many people as I can. Later I have realized that I need more than just English. Currently, I can read and write Spanish though I have a problem in listening and understanding details. My understanding on the subject is compromised because of some reasons that I have identified. For instance, currently I can only communicate in Spanish within my Spanish class when I am attending my lessons. In most cases, I use English over. I will like to pursue my further education in different parts of the world. Spain is one of my best dream countries to study in. I will like to spend more time speaking, writing a studying more Spanish so that it can help my future studies in Spain and later in my home country.
In future when I will go back to my country, I am anticipating to encourage more people and students to learn Spanish as an added advantage in their international relations. I realized the importance of studying international languages back in my country when I went for a school trip. Our destination was at a local wildlife zoo where I met with the various student who had traveled to tour our country. We spent a good time with them at the zoo though there were a few setbacks on our communication. It happened that there were a few students from Spain and we got to know each other. At that moment, I had learned to speak and write Spanish but on the other side they did not understand even a word in our language. They were quite amazed that I could speak and write in Spanish when they were unable to neither speak nor write Japanese. They were able to speak and write English in fluency, and so we engaged in a conversation. They told me a lot about their country Spain. I learned that there was much to know and learned in Spain.
Later, they developed an interest in studying in Japan and so did I, in Spain. I look forward to meeting my obligations in accomplishing my future endeavors in studies relations and business. I have always had a dream of working in a country away from home, and I chose Spain among my priorities. Learning Spanish will help me in my future career development in Spain given an opportunity. Life after college seems to be different from the lifestyle in college. It is important for a student to make prior plans on how to tackle it. I want to get an opportunity to introduce Spanish in my country in the areas that it has not been introduced.
After graduation, I will help my fellow students back in my country to consider studying Spanish to widen their knowledge. The education system back in my country has some differences with that in Spain. Therefore, a hybrid between the two will give rise to a better outcome. I am willing to get the best of Spanish so that I can play a part in making our countries better than they are. Another reason as to why I will like to study abroad is to improve our countries relationship.
I am a finance student currently in the United States of America and doing a minor course in Spanish. I will like to continue my studies in Spain and later back to Japan. College education will help me build my future career. I anticipate building up my future career in both countries. After I am through with my college education, I will go home and build a stronger relationship between the two countries. My wish is that if, at one time, citizens of both countries will be able to communicate fluently in their new second languages. In the world of finance, it is important to learn several languages. With this improved technology, there is frequent communication with many countries that need to be maintained.
The relationship between Spain and Japan is anticipated to rise to higher levels. The countries’ geographical location shops a huge barrier to the development of this relationship as it may be seen by other peoples. However, the distance may not be a real barrier to education and development of future businesses. I see the case differently. The bigger distance indicates that there are a lot of unshared things between the two countries. The differences include; relief, culture, trade and their educational system and standards. This difference makes the need for the two countries to develop a business relationship that will see them benefit from each other. There are things that may lack in one country but available in plenty in another. This distant geographical location shows that there is a difference in both countries’ natural and other resources hence trade can be promoted.
After my graduation, I will like to go back to Japan and participate help more students to get studies abroad so that they can get an understanding of other world. There is a good relationship between Baruch College in Japan and Colegio de España College in Spain. I am looking forward to strengthening the relationship even in future as an alumni of the two colleges. Studying Spanish can help main future to secure a job in Spain. In international relations and business, one has to have knowledge on more than one international language. I will like work in Spain for some time, and that is why I chose Spanish as one of my priorities. Therefore, if chance will cause a significant difference in my future.
Skills learned in college are applicable everywhere even though college life seem to be different that life after college. The important thing is how I anticipate using the knowledge I gain in Spain to help in building an international understanding about the benefits of being a multi-lingual person. New skills are developing every day and with improved technology, moving around the world is becoming easier. Therefore, giving an opportunity to make the world a connected unit where people understand other races better and to interrelate with each other for the benefit of both parties. My future in business depends on my knowledge of Spanish as I anticipate to play a part in strengthening the relationship between the two countries.
There is a big cultural difference between the Spanish and the Japanese people. Bringing the two parties to learn from each other, will give an opportunity to develop a hybrid with better performance in all aspects of life. I will use my knowledge to inspire more people especially students to study in various colleges around the world. Learning Spanish will help me in future for my further studies in Spain. Studying another course in Spain will require that I have a good understanding of the Spanish language so that my learning could be easy.
Studying abroad requires tolerance to ambiguity, to be flexible and show independence. Situations where you I have demonstrated these qualities.
I have learned to be flexible and undertake various tasks in real life. After I had traveled to the United States, I was feeling uneasy staying in a foreign country. I missed my friends back home and even thought of traveling back. However, I understood my career mission, and that is the thing that keeps me moving every day. I was persuaded to study at home, after all there were colleges teaching finance and Spanish but rather I chose to be an international student. I made this choice with a sober mind because I think, I understand its importance. Now I have to decide that I will make another trip to Spain to enrich my master of the Spanish language. After completing my studies in Spain, I will be free for employment in Spain if possible, back in Japan or elsewhere on the continent though with priorities.
When I was choosing Spanish as my second field of study, I did not receive a warm acceptance from my close allies. Especially my family. Though they partly agreed to accept my choice, it took some time for them to understand that it is was my choice and interest and they will never change it so easily. Ambiguous case cases happen many times in life, but it takes an individual who will make a decision and stand by it. Before by parents accepted my choice to studying abroad, I had to make a firm defense to my decisions. It took me about two months to win their favor in support of my studies. I had to explain my plans widely with them, and we discussed them. Later I was given a chance after I was able to convince them explaining the importance and consequences of my choice.
My peers did not take it lightly that I was moving out of the country and possibly out of their group for presumably a longer time than before. So all they did was to give me a list of disadvantages of studying and living out of my home country. At some point, I almost agreed to their tricks but somehow my personal life principles were a little stronger not to waiver at that time. Since I traveled to the United States, I had never experienced any serious problems as I sometimes thought. I have made new friends some who are my classmates whom we shared academic life experiences from time to time and motivated each other in our studies.
Initially, as I grew in Japan, I was not a good student in languages and. Therefore, I never imagined that at one point in future, I will require learning another language. However, after I realized the importance of being a multilingual speaker, I was able to adjust and find an appropriate second language to study. There are notions that various people have about other countries that are not true. Holding on to them retards one’s strive for success or towards meeting their goals.
Sometimes I thought of nasty things but somehow they helped me to stand by the most appropriate decisions. Sometimes due to natural disasters, accidents, wars, and other factors facilitated migration of people from their homes to different destinations. In such situations, various people from different backgrounds meet in a common space, and they must learn to co-exist for them to fight through their problems. I imagined on how advantageous it will be for a multi-lingual who might be trapped in the search situation. Such thoughts motivate me towards the urge to become a fluent French speaker.
As a student in a finance class in the United States, I never miss my finance lectures but at the same time I can adjust and attend all my Spanish language lessons. I never miss my assignments to both areas of studies irrespective of minor and major areas. Sometimes classes can be moved from the normal time indicated on the timetable to fit the lecture’ convenience. Such situations are not appropriate for most students, and they end up missing the lectures. In such cases, I am always able to adhere to the time changes on the timetable. I always look forward to meeting my priorities and in this case, I will like to devote my abilities in this field of study if I am given an opportunity.
Additional things about my planned study abroad experience
Ignite my education
Igniting my education or better preparation for my further studies is among the objectives I would like to achieve from a study abroad program. After studying abroad, many students change the way they view their education. The powerful experience gained from the study abroad program usually influences once subsequent education endeavors that include the decision to pursue the higher degrees. According to the study by the International Education of Students (EIS), more than 80 percent of the participants in the study abroad programs have enhanced interest in furthering their studies.
The students returning home from the study abroad programs comes back with the enhanced vigor for the academic pursuits. They possess the renewed interest in the lifelong learning. The EIS studies show that the experience gained in these programs drive them to change or expand their academic majors. The vigor gained to further education is gained as one is exposed to the diversified world abroad which may drive one to turn to a different field or further the major field. According to the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Institute of the International Education, Allan Goodman, the demand for the international experience amongst the employers is perpetuating. For this reason, many graduate schools and employers are looking forward to furthering their studies after a study abroad program. Taking Spanish program in Colegio de España provides a pathway to meet the objective.
Choosing to stand out after the study abroad program is one of the reasons the participants of the study abroad programs decides to ignite their education or develops the enhanced vigor to further studies. The urge to see the world differently with logically based and rational ideas develops when you study abroad. The fact that you want people to see you different master a study abroad program also pressures one to develop that vigor of academic pursuit. Besides, the life-challenging, academic, cultural and social benefits one gains from the study abroad program can bring the urge to ignite my education. Spain being an abroad country gives me a better chance to study and ignite my education. According to the recent statistics by the EIS Spanish is the most commonly used language for the students who study a foreign language. The idea brings the pride and the urge to further my studies in Spanish here at Colegio de España.
Finding new interests under the study abroad programs to a greater extent facilitates the interest to further studies. The idea can happen when the program participant is exposed to various extra-curricular activities happening at the college. For instance in Colegio de España, program participates enjoys the benefits of being involved in cultural activities that are diversified. One happens to find and engage in new interests and activities that she/he never experienced before or you might never have discovered while in your home country. Along this way, students realize their undiscovered talents in many fields such as golf, music or dance such at salsa, hiking, and others. The next step that happens when the student returns to his/her home currently is further studies following the path of the discovered capability. Studying in Spain undertaking Spanish program in Colegio de España gives me the best opportunity find my new interest, see the world, stand out to ignite my education.
Study abroad programs play a big role when it comes to graduate school admissions. Same as future employees, the graduate school admission boards are looking for those having very high study abroad experiences. Therefore, to those already taken the study abroad programs, the probability to be admitted to graduate school is high and. Therefore, this helps you in igniting your education or furthering your studies easily. Students with broad studies are taken to show commitment to their education as well as displaying the diversity and ready to face new challenges as they further their studies. Graduate schools normally look for those candidates with study abroad program trusting that they might be unique aspects to the university. They believe these candidates possess the curiosity and the educational acumen of being a study abroad program and in need to join graduate schools to further studies.
The important cross-cultural experience I have had and its impact on my preparation for study abroad.
Japan is an interesting country to live in, and since I traveled to the United States, I have noticed so many things that make the two countries different. For the short time I have lived in the USA, I am almost becoming used to the way they do things. There a great difference between the Japanese and American culture. As soon as I landed in the USA, I was able to make many new friends within a fortnight. Honestly, I was somehow surprised because back in my country Japan, that will not be the case. I am not saying that people are bad in Japan, but it will take a very long time in Japan for someone to call you a friend. However the friendship once created, it probably might last forever. But on the other side in the United States, I realized that u can meet a person and within a day you become friends. The only negative thing about this friendship that is that it lasts for a short moment.
I realized that some things that might seem normal to the typical Japanese people might appear unusual to Americans. However, this were not barriers because I have enjoyed my life in the international borders, and I am getting used to that fact. There one little behavior that made a little more impact in the way I perceive my experience in America. I have learned that when Americans are talking, they are always straight to the point. They often start their conversation with the subject of their opinion. On the other side, that may seem impolite in Japanese culture. The Japanese expect people to be subtle and read between the lines.
Unlike in America, there are a few things that are done differently in Japan. Respect for other people is a significant social factor in Japan. Foer instance, when the boss calls you his/her office, you will not enter until you are invited. When riding in a taxi with superiors in Japan, one will wait until he/she is told to sit down. Sometimes the Japanese people don’t wear shoes some restaurants or a home and avoid placing their feet on tables even when their shoes are brand new. In addition to that is that they care about their environment that each takes responsibility to collect litter and any other dirt when walking out of ballparks, theater movies, and similar places. These among others are some of the behavior that is common to the Japanese people. However, I will be grateful to find out what is happening in other areas.
Typically, Americans deal with opinions and facts similar in Japan but not as much as people’s feelings. For instance, an American was joining his Japanese friends for dinner. Prior arrangements had been done on their dinner restaurant. While on their way, the American commented that he will like to eat in another restaurant that he noticed as they passed by. His Japanese friends had to change the venue and relocate it to that place because in their minds they thought that the American liked it so much that he will like to eat there. According to the American, the comment meant nothing but just to keep a conversation, unlike his Japanese friends. In Japan, it most likely that people will make such a comment even when passing.
In my mind, I thought of many things about that experience. I realized that in Japan, a conversation is not just talking but rather being cautious on whatever you are saying keeping in mind that you should not irritate your listener. Communication and use of language are key in international relations. Learning various languages will enable me understand various cultures. As an international student, this skill will guide me on how I should interact with them in a way that they don’t fell offended.
I am writing this requisition letter looking forward to studying in Spain soon. I will have an opportunity to have fluently a command of the Spanish language and compare my previous experiences to my new environment. The beautiful and herein environment around Salamanca will be my ideal town to stay. In my preparation for studying in Spain, I am prepared to meet new people in there and learn new things. I also understand that there are new experiences that may seem unexpected just as I have experienced before. My previous experiences will give me an upper hand in integrating with the Spanish culture. My knowledge of the Spanish as a language will enable me to engage freely in a quick conversation with people around me.
The differences in culture is another area of interest. I have stayed in more than two countries previously and not in any two have I noticed a similar lifestyle. Culture is different with a place, and this factor give me confused expectations on my expectations in Spain. However, that doesn’t worry me so much because my main objective is pursuing my academics, and the rest will follow.

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