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Struggles of single motherhood

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Struggles of single motherhood

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Struggles of Single Motherhood
Theresa Woghiren Esso
September 14, 2015
Health Care

The Challenges and Rewards of Single Motherhood
Thesis statement: Single mothers face many social and economic challenges because of low income, lack of financial support from spouse and emotional pain on the children and family.
Ahmad Fawzia tells the tale of her struggles as she raised her son and daughter all alone and at the end of her article, she claims to be a single mother who got ahead because she found a way to make her emotions her stronghold. Her experiences are similar to those experienced by other single mothers everywhere. As such, there are various collective emotional struggles faced, case in point, the guilt when leaving children to go to work, and the constant anxiety over finances for the upkeep of the children. Third, it is common for the single parents to experience depression and may begin to resent their ex-spouse. Despite the above, any single can use those emotions positively and turn them into motivation (Fawzia, 2011).
As such, poverty is one of the reasons for single parenthood. According to research, over 40% of single mothers are poor (Wilson, 1993). The reasons behind this include the lack of support from an ex-spouse, increasing teenage pregnancies, and a weak economic structure. Keeping up with credit and lack of emergency funds is common and, unfortunately, this makes things even tougher. However, by setting goals and getting involved in the church can help get over the financial crisis. Also, liberals correctly point out, that single parents found in more developed countries tend to be less poor than the counterparts are.
Single parenthood is due to family disruption, and this can affect the children, mostly in negative ways. It reduces the education quality received because of failure to attend good schools or even attend any at all. It also causes depression, anxiety, and mistrust in the children, and this starts at a very young age. On the other hand, a disruption in a dysfunctional family has a positive effect on the growth and development of the children. Such, single parenthood families undergo more problems than ordinary families, and the children do not develop as well as their counterparts (Wilson, 1993).

Fawzia, A. (2011). Despite All Odds: Single Mothering’s Empowerment . Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 140-143.
Wilson, A. (1993). Two parents one, or none. Quarterly Summer.



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