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Structual design

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Structual design

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Bioengineering

Level: Academic

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Structural Design
The main objective of the project was to design a simple bicycle pedal crank taking into account several structural and economical parameters. The structural parameters were related to the yield of pedal based on the rotations after subjected to combined loading and the shear stress generated thereof due to the impact. Given the stress conditions the principle angle derived was 45 degree for both with the Aluminium material and the Steel material. Therefore, the yield subjected to remain the same irrespective of the materials used to manufacture the bicycle crank.
The Mohr’s cycle represented the likely positions of the pedal that represented the positions of maximum and minimum stress. Therefore, the force on the pedal applied to either of the design will be the same. Considering the fatigue limits, certainly the steel material had higher limits of fatigue at higher stress amplitudes. However, with the yield strength and fatigue limits taken into consideration, the two materials had fairly equal limits of 4. 7and5.1. Moreover, the limits of pressure applied do not go near the fatigue limits of either the aluminium material or the steel material.
This means the shear amplitude is far away from the fatigue limits and is nominal on the ascribed number of cycles. On the other hand, considering the cost effectiveness at various cross sections, we found that the cost of alumi…

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