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Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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Chapter 11 assignment
How did you score on the test?
My score was 14.0, which agrees with the scale used to connote the level of stress for age 18-29 in the age group I fall. Although the scale uses 14.2 as a figure, it is the closest range compared to my score. On the marital status nature, my score is close to the 14. 1 for the single or never wed. My score is a little high when the scale level representing gender is used.
Were you surprised by your score?
Yes is was surprised, to realize that people in my age group are the most stressed. I thought I should be among the least stressful individuals and now am left wondering what the kind of life experiences is for those not stressed as me. I need to understand their coping skills and how they maintain resilience in life.
What does this scale say about your level of stress?
The scale shows my stress level could be normal considering my age group, but it is still among the highest levels. The anxiety that is accompanied with new life experiences like new responsibilities could be the trigger. This could be compared to a situation where change is being experienced, as a youth I experience a lot of it, and this raises the levels of stress.
Overview of the videos
The first episode by Jason Silva, states that stress has been viewed traditionally as a negative emotion. He claims that stress has energies that can be channeled to yield positive re…

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