Strengths and Weaknesses in writing

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Strengths and Weaknesses in writing

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I have tried to be good in writing for the longest time possible. I have some strengths and weaknesses in this field. One of my strengths is my faster-thinking capability; I am always able to think faster and thus have so much to write on at a time as compared to all others. I am capable of thinking so fast and at the same time write too; by being able to do this, it simple means that I have the capability to write faster and also come up with more generative ideas a s well. Another strength that I have been that English is my fist language; basing on the fact that I am native English speaker, it would simply mean that I could write faster in my first language. On this ground, I can write faster since I know the language at my fingertips and thus I will not be prone to making several mistakes.
My weakness in writing is that I am poor in grammar; because of this, I am not able to maintain the pace and set the right quality for all papers that I do write. Grammar is a very sensitive issue when writing and thus without this I will lack the capability to maintain the right quality for all the papers that I get to write at a time. Another weakness is that I lack speed in typing; I type so slowly thus I get to write a lower number of papers or even take longer to write them too.
I have improved in my grammar from the class and I think that currently I am more than ripe to face everything that regards to grammar. I have also learnt to be keener while writing any paper to avoid small mistakes while writing. I also think that I need to improve my typing pace so that I can be faster in writing and get to write more papers at a time too.

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