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Stop Eating Fast Food

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Stop Eating Fast FoodsIn today’s generation, people choose to eat fast foods rather than healthy foods. They prefer these kinds of foods that are mostly deep fried hence very fatty. Most of the fast foods are quite cheap and delicious therefore it is favored by many people. Despite them being affordable, they are not the best choice because they negatively affect our health. For this reason, people should avoid eating fast foods and choose healthier foods. These fast foods cause many lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases, among others.
As earlier said, fast foods are often deep fried, thus they contain high calories and fats. Fast foods easily make one full but due to quick digestion; individuals often get hungry within a short time. As a result, they end up eating more and raising their calorie intake to higher levels. Research shows that high-calorie intake is the leading cause of obesity in most people. In fact, “The largest proportion of obesity and diseases in the history of American society is because of eating junk food.” This explains why two out of three US citizens are either obese or overweight. Also, obesity in some people causes death. For instance: there are about 120000 deaths in the US in a year.
Eating fast foods also causes type 2 Diabetes. The body does not produce enough chemicals to prevent the disease. Most fast foods contain pr…

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