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Statistics Research paper

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Statistical Analysis in Political Science
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10th November, 2015
Statistical Analysis in Political Science
Statistics is the branch of science which deals with the collection, representation, and analysis of data. The interpretation of such data helps in recognizing various endpoints or hypothesis formulated. The field of statistics is highly appealing as it provides a robust estimation of data with reliability, viability and reproducibility. Statistics is applied to medical research, clinical trials, economics and political science, apart from other areas. Whenever there is a need for interpreting data, the science of statistics can be applied and implemented for such purpose (Healey, 177-205). The present article will evaluate the usefulness of statistical tests, in interpreting data, related to political science and economics. In this article, two case studies would be evaluated from different statistical perspectives.
Study 1
Background of the Study
Election campaigns in any country involve huge financial implications. Moreover, to control the financial implications, campaigning budgets have been cut-off as an act of law by various governments. In a general election, “Workers Party” officials wants to evalua…

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