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Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Human Resources

Level: Masters

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Statement of Purpose
I could start this essay by saying how all my past experiences have prepared me for what is to come, but that would not be entirely accurate. Although I have worked in the Human Resources field for quite a long time, the field never ceases to amaze me. Thus, saying that I have learned everything I need to succeed in my field would be a blatant exaggeration.
That innate curiosity for learning and my desire for improving to become a better asset in any endeavor I choose to pursue is what brings me here today; compelling me to seek higher education. After graduating from the University of Florida in Business Administration, I have continued my career in Training and Development, learning how to organize correctly and better the staff in my workplace. Those experiences gave me a hands-on knowledge that have helped me to understand the corporate world and how to develop and enhance workers performance and satisfaction. Nevertheless, my career path is far from complete, and continuing without a Masters Degree would make me feel I am wasting my potential.
In a world as globalized and competitive as the one we live in today being static is not an option, and keeping the pace to the profession is crucial to be successful. Therefore, a Masters Program at your institution seems like the soundest and intelligent decision at this point in my life. Currently, my career goal is to move into the role of Training and Development Manager, a position where I think I could be of help, making use of the knowledge I expect to learn from this program. As a result of my ambitions, my career goals are many and best ways to attain them, while enhancing my marketability for prospective employers is through education
Part of the reasons I chose this program are related to the fact that I feel comfortable in the corporate environment and the idea of working for years in an organization does not bother me as long as I get to interact with people. Subsequently, I found my path as soon as I understood I wanted to be a Training and Development Specialist. I have learned and understood that Human Resources is not a dull area, it can be as exciting and fast-paced as a good manager wants it to be. To keep workers motivated and active, their manager has to set an example, and I consider myself adequate to teach my employees as well as training and coordinating them to function accordingly in their workplaces.
My workplace experiences have taught me that I have what it takes to organize correctly and develop my potential and my employees’, and this program gives me the opportunities to hone my skills as well as understanding the theoretical and practical perspectives of the profession.
I see this degree as a gift I owe to myself, to my perseverance and my willing to succeed despite the circumstances. Bring a proactive and inquisitive person, studying comes to me as easily as understanding and relating to others. I decided to choose this program above others because it serves my purposes better and offers me what I am looking for in my academic life. This institution can teach me and show me many perks of the profession, and I hope I can show some of my own to my fellow students and instructors.
I thank you in advance for your consideration.

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