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Stand up for peaceful co-existence

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Stand up for peaceful co-existence among peers
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Stand up for peaceful co-existence
I am Bradie aged fifteen years. I live with my mother and have a brother by the name Trevor who lives upcountry. I like sharing happy moments with my friends and dislike an environment that is dominated by violence. I dislike a situation of people fighting and being tortured. My hobbies include making friends, watching movies, reading poems and playing with friends. I am a Christian and primary school going girl. I bond very well with my mother and brother and strive to maintain friendship with my peers and as such hardly have enemies. Most of the time I am in the company of sofie, Adrienne and Amber- my classmates.
In this 21st century, the winter season of 2015 and in the forenoon of a Monday, I am seated in my room at home engulfed in the thought of the things that have been happening that now greatly disturb my mind. I am lonely as there is quietness that can only be compared to the noise that water makes in a stationery pot with the exception of occasional sound produced by the turning pages of poetry book by Steve Smith ‘Most Dangerous And Awful Moments Ever’ which makes the mood to be even more sombre.
I admit that I have all along lacked the courage to stand up for what I want. I have always dreamt and fantasized about the world that is peaceful (Jarvis, 2007). My conscience informs that humanity must be respected and loving each other as the greatest commandment. To the contrary, I have led a life inconsistent with this principle. It is unbecoming of me to have been watching Sofie bullied by her supposedly friends and especially Adrienne. I am afraid that if this cannot be stopped then there is a risk of even losing her life just as the news on the television where a girl has been murdered by her friends of her age. I feel like our group if not stopped would be in the same situation.
Then I ask myself, “Why can’t you stand up for peaceful co-existence among peers?” I realize that the reason is my selfish longing to be the same with the rest. One day Adrienne decides that it is a ‘penalty day’ and expounds to us that it means we all have to be mean to one girl and in this case Sofie-the always vulnerable is chosen (MacLeod, 2002). The day starts with Adrienne butting a cigarette on her forehead. In another incident on a field trip, Adrienne smacks Sofie’s head on a rock. All along, I work hard to fit in the gang by laughing in unison with the rest even though within I struggle with contradicting my beliefs and dream (MacLeod, 2002). In the most recent incident, Adrienne attacks Sofie in the school bathroom under my watch and I remain adamant to rescue her despite her cry for help.
I am fed up with the trend and believe that the greatest obstacle to achieving this dream is me –failing to do something to stop it. Sympathizing with the situation is not enough, take action whether physical or engaging a reliable authority (Jarvis, 2007). This compels me to share the problem with my old pre-school teacher in the name of STANDING UP FOR PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE AMONG PEERS.
Jarvis, P. (2007). Monsters, magic and mr psycho: A biocultural approach to rough and tumble play in the early years of primary school. Early Years, 27(2), 171-188.
MacLeod, J. (2002). The shape of a girl: Jewel. Vancouver: Talonbooks

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