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spheres of Nursing

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spheres of Nursing

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Institutional affiliation

Four Spheres of Political Action in Nursing
The influence of nurses in communities is extensive particularly in health care and social policy. The field has a substantive history in community activism as seen by former nursing professionals such as Harriet and Dorothea Dix. They offered advisory services concerning dangers of Tobacco and the need to have clean air in the environment. Nurses influence the communities through identification of the problems, mobilization for support and advocating for changes (Mason et al., 2016).
Workforce and Workplace
Nurses work in clinics, schools, hospitals, military services, health agencies, and hospitals. All these areas are political. Since resources are inadequate, nurses’ work to influence enough allocation of funds from the government.
The government plays a vital role in influencing nursing practice and nursing. It formulates policies which affect the lives of all and provides funding for prenatal care, inspection of food, controls schools, constructs highways and regulates information transmitted on air. In the nursing arena, it determines the extent of professional activities that are considered to fall into the field of nursing (Mason et al., 2016).
Interest Groups and association
The existing nursing associations influence the practice of nursing. The professional associations contain legislative committees which campaign for policies which supp…

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