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spesific case

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spesific case

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Education

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Case Study: Inclusion Model
Case Study: Inclusion Model
Are Sally’s current special education services consistent with the inclusion model? Why? Why not?
The inclusion model of education is a concept and strategy for boosting the performance of children with special needs by letting them spend most or all of their time with other abled children (Sellman, 2012). The model is based on the psychological theory that the performance of a child with special needs is likely to deteriorate if they are made to spend many a lot of time apart from the other children. The theory suggests that the performance of a person in academic tasks is highly affected by what they feel about themselves, and what others perceive of them (Sellman, 2012).
The model of inclusion discourages education systems from setting aside children with special needs for long hours in the name of giving them specialized help or attention (Recchia, 2013). In the case of Sally, the decision of their teachers to keep her inside her classroom for most of her time in school is inconsistent with the inclusion model. Secluding Sally may eventually develop a feeling of self-antipathy so that she will lack confidence in herself and see herself as a dumb and incapacitated person (Recchia, 2013). Moreover, the other children in Sally’s class may gradually develop the mentality that Sally is a disabled person, and probably label her, call her names and dismiss her (Recchia, 2013). …

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