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Spare The Rod Spoil The Child

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Spare The Rod Spoil The Child

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

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Spare the rod spoil the child
This is a very sensitive topic considering how it is difficult to bring up children in the right discipline especially in the 21st century. The role of positive upbringing of children lies wholly with the parents and they should ensure that their own child grows up with the required standards of discipline. The thing that children lack nowadays is the respect for their parents and so the parents are left in a dilemma on how to deal with them so the only thing that clicks in their minds is spanking the children (Hanson, 23). In some cases this is very helpful but when exceeded, it becomes such a big problem not only to the kid but also to the whole family. In this context the biggest question remains whether it is okay to beat children in order to educate them.
The first argument under this is that, some people prefer bringing up their children in very tough conditions. This is evident when a parent beats up his or her child anytime they go wrong, And if they will not beat them, they subject them to very heavy punishments and they believe that this is the only way their children can learn good manners which is every parent’s dream. So finally the parents conclude that this is the best way to educate their children (Hood, 45).
With this kind of upbringing a child can develop a very tough character and personality. This has been and will always be very useful to the child especially in future or circumstances where the child is alone. The kid will be strong and he or she will be able to tackle any challenge or difficulty that faces them. Children who have not experienced this kind of parenting for example; have a big problem in respect to their personality since they are very shy (Marshal, 51). These are the kids who are shown a lot of unnecessary love by their parents and they are always beside their mothers kissing her and all that. When the kid will be a grown up person and lacks the personality needed, they might have a painful and bad life.
The positive results of beating and punishing a child is not always the case. This kind of upbringing can cause very serious psychological and mental problems in the kid. These kinds of problems are always very difficult to realize since the child is used to such tough life. They are able to hide the signs behind the hard and tough personality so that no one would realize it. The end result of this is social problems at school and day by day the child start losing friends to interact with and finally the kid is left alone. This does not affect them only during their childhood but also when they grow up (Quinn, 43). This affects boys in most cases where they become bullies and batterers in school yards for different reasons. Loneliness of a child is also a very serious case in that it causes problems like depressions at very early ages and this can even lead to suicides.
It is very important therefore that the spanking should be done following the proper guidelines. This is to make sure that there is a balance between negatives and the positives and more so to ensure that the positives are more. An image showing aspects that a child should have is provided below.
(John, 15)
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