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Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it.

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I am a student who is much interested in programming and web design. I did develop the interest after a close exposure to a computing environment. For instance, my grandfather taught me more about computer skills. I have a talent in computer gaming such as GTA (grand theft auto) NFS (need for speed). The gaming talent has confirmed to many people that I am a computer guru, and I believe that this forms a good foundation for my growth in computer work.
My family background is very influential to my concern in the field of programming. Learning new skills requires one to be patient as well as hardworking. My culture calls for endurance and commitment in all endeavors. Similarly, the culture allows me to socialize with other people to acquire more new skills and knowledge. I believe that joining the University will enable me to concentrate and seek necessary assistance in my field of study where necessary. I like diversity in whatever I undertake since I believe it is the only way to get new ideas that are useful.
My family having laid a building foundation for me in computer programming and web design. I believe that the opportunity in the University will grant me an opportunity to be more innovative and productive in the field of technology. The institution has produced very prominent personnel in the field of IT, thus making my case to be unexceptional if at all I will get the opportunity.
The personal interes…

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