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Socrates committing suicide after drinking the Hemlock

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Socrates committing suicide after drinking the hemlock
Socrates is described as a great classical Greek Athenian and a philosopher who had an independent mind (Wilson 126). He is credited with being a strong believer of morality and ethics citing that they are the key principles or drivers of social integration and success in the society. He inspired many people including students who include Plato through his classical writings and plays such as Aristophanes play. The exemplary works earned him recognition among scholars such as Eric Havelock and Walter, who described him categorically as a champion of communication, good governance, morality, and ethics. Socrates birthplace is known as Alopeke among the tribe of Antiochis where he grew up as a decent child developing noble character traits and moral values of life (Wilson 127). He always focused on various activities with the aim of transforming or making a difference in the society.
Key details about Socrates life, legal trial proceedings, and ultimate death sentence were issued by Plato and other people. Plato was his closest friend and student. Plato was instrumental in the establishment of various facts about Socrates ranging from his beliefs about religion, god, morality, his sentencing and acceptance to die among other things. Plato gave the chronology of events as they during the time of Socrates (Wilson 127). According to Plato, Socrates death is traced back from his beliefs…

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