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Sociology Critical thinking

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Sociology Critical thinking

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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Words: 550

Eviction Causes Poverty
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Eviction Causes Poverty
Eviction is a common social issue today, especially in urban areas. When a family uses 70 percent of its aggregate income to pay rents and other housing utility bills, eviction is inevitable (Desmond, 2016). A study found that tenants’ recurrent housing bills should not go beyond thirty percent of their recurrent income (Sharkey, 2016). Usually, this is the conventional wisdom (or rather the rule of thumb) against which people measure their housing capacities in the society. When an eviction happens, it unsettles people. Families’ personal effects are hastily packed into carriage trucks from one place to another. Losses, destructions, and pilferages are inexorable in such instances. Quoting Desmond (2016), this paper notes that eviction in the society is not merely a condition of poverty but also a true cause of poverty, which is often a personal problem.
The legal, financial, and psychological damage that evictions inflict on people makes it tough for them to keep their jobs, find new housing, or offer a stable education to their children. Desmond (2016) notes that evictions rip families off their homes, schools, and communities not forgetting to mention their mental health, furniture, and clothes. Poverty, in simple terms, is defined as the lack of material belongings or resources necessary for the sustenance of an excellent living condition, it would not be wrong to categorize…

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