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Sociological Principles

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Sociological Principles

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: University

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Words: 275

Sociological Principles

Ways Feminism Adapts in Order to Account for a Variety of Experiences
Feminism refers to the promotion of women’s liberation or rights based on the principles of parity of sexes. It encompassed the creation of professional and educational opportunities for women that uphold equality to the other gender (Edles and Appelrouth 2015). Therefore, feminism must adapt to account for various experiences since women must receive equality in education, property ownership, equal pay, employment and occupying public offices. In addition, it calls for the protection of girls and women against domestic violence, sexual harassment, and rape (Allan 2013). Similarly, feminism encourages the society to allow women to attain social integration and legal abortions access. The philosophy urged women to leave their primeval, unstipulated, home occupation and take advantage of their full human power to engage in economically viable jobs of all sorts (Edles and Appelrouth 2015).
Ways do Gilman’s Work Speak to Current LGBTQ Organizations’ Goals
Gilman played a part in the encouraging social order particularly of its influence on the women status. She noted that the women’s submergence acted as a significant barrier, which delayed the top development of society during the nineteenth century (Ballantine and Roberts 2014). Gilman’s efforts can be applied in the current world to advocate for the rights and equal treatment of LG…

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