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social media

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Communication

Level: College

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Running head: Social Media Communications

Social Media Communications
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Qn1. How could social media be effective in disseminating safety related information beyond health-centered issues?
Technology is on the move with various healthcare disciplines adapting its use. Nevertheless, organizations in healthcare have been slower compared to other segments of economic development in embracing technology. Within the social media platform, there are numerous cues, which can be grouped as system-generated cues, other-generated cues, and self-generated cues sources. Cues from system-generated refer to the social media system user’s profile choices. That information emanating from other people posting on the user’s profile is referred to as other’s generated cues, and the information that is in control of the owner is termed as self-generated cues.

Within the page of a social media, cues generated by the system and other-generated cues are highly trusted. Social media gives users a chance to produce and post the information, carry out an evaluation to the content and in collaboration they interact to come up with substantial content, with an aim of ensuring shared understanding of the data at stake. Live Journal, Flicker, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook includes most social media platforms. Hence, the healthcare organizations ought to have in mind the perception that their social media presence will be used by their potential stak…

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