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Social media, narcissism, and oversharing

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Social media, narcissism, and oversharing

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Social media, narcissism, and oversharing
In contemporary times, people seem to share over when they interact on the social media platform via computers and smart phones. Oversharing in the internet age simply means that people would more likely divulge too much information involving their self and things like their sexuality for instance, more than they would possibly do in person. Facebook, Twitter and blogging have become major avenues for oversharing as the world shifts fast to an internet era that is seeing the phasing out of physical interaction with the replacement of virtual interaction. The internet has come to breach the thin boundary between private and public life. Shawn McIntosh and John Pavlick, in the book Converging Media explore that ‘there has always been a social component with media’. But importantly, they see to highlight why social media is more ‘social’ than traditional media CITATION Pav p 242 l 2057 (Pavlik and McIntosh 242). This paper has sought to explore that we now live a much more public life while acknowledging that the internet has provided us with such a platform that enables us to veer off from the norm. This paper in part supports the notion of Agar that the Internet has introduced a whole new concept of social life that encourages oversharing.
Erving Goffman adopted a very powerful socialistic approach on social life from Shakespeare. This concept states that the world can be …

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