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social media marketing

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social media marketing

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Social media marketing
Social media sites are web-based services, which allow people to construct a system bounded public profile. Websites enhance social networking through the creation of online communities for sharing personal messages, videos, information, and ideas. The social network use has grown globally (Kircaburun 1). The social revolution has created interaction in family, social, cultural, leisure, personal, and occupation areas of life. Social has emerged to be the major communication channel, a brand royalty instrument and the media for advertisement. Several websites can be used for marketing. I have used some of them in marketing my businesses. They include the Facebook, twitter, Instagram and snap chat (Kircaburun 3).
Social media platforms
Facebook is the global largest social media platform. The platform has more than a billion users who are active with a high percentage accessing it on a daily basis. It has been of significance to me as an online marketer due to its large number of users. I have previously marketed my services using the Facebook platform. The Facebook platform enables the search of individuals by interests, demographics, and locations. Facebook consists of the ads, groups, and pages that I used in marketing. These options can be used integrative disregard each of them serving a specific purpose (Kircaburun 3).
Twitter is a Microblogging social platform. It entails the posting of updat…

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