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Social Media

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Social Media

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Social Media has done more Good than Harm to the Society.
Social media are technologies that are computer-mediated or online channels of communication, where society share ideas, interact, share news and also career interest among others. There are therefore websites and also applications that facilitate this networking among people. Examples are Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Pinterest among many others. Despite the fact that social media has brought so many people together and somehow enabled interaction all over the world, the question of whether it has done more good than harm in the society has been raised. This paper will give an argument based on the fact that social media has been more advantageous to the society than harmful.
A major and main advantage of social media is connectivity. It has brought people from all over the world together, sharing thoughts and ideas and also working together. Social media has therefore created a platform of equality where everybody has a chance to express and learning from others (Thomas, 128). It is through this connection that updates on whatever is happening all over the world are explained. For example, platforms like Twitter give news positive or negative, and therefore everyone on social media is up to date with the events in the whole world.
The business community is greatly advantaged by the social media. Most companies have successfully grown and developed…

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