Social Issues

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Social Issues
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sociological aspect of violence

Sociological Aspects of Violence Violence has existed since the beginning of humanity. Consequently, it is strongly tied to the human psychology as one of the swiftest ways to solve conflicts. That way, violence can be considered a social activity as it is exerted over others as a way to gain an absolute advantage or benefit. However, “violence is not a single activity, but rather a socially defined category of activities that share some common features.” (Blume 1). Violence exists everywhere, from the mass media the world consumes to every household in the planet. Violence is ubiquitous and exists without borders. Likewise, it is not just a matter of physical violence....

Any topic Related to *Introduction to Sociology* Social Problems , Hypothetic .How you resolved the problem?

Name Teacher’s name Course Date Alcoholism. Abstract. The preoccupation of obtaining alcoholic substances and the little control over its consumption are what characterize addictive behaviors amongst all alcoholics in the society. The development of its tolerance as well as its dependence comes along with the impairment of social and common habits of the individual. Alcoholism brings forth the chronic vulnerability to relapse after sessions of drinking. Due to the purpose of understanding the factors that lead to excessive drinking, researchers have relied on the brain mechanism associated with mechanical characteristics of a human being. The article below aims at the analysis of alcoholism...

Postcolonialism and Hip Hop Revised

 Neo-Colonialism and Hip-Hop Culture In 1965, former president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah proposed his vision of the modern colonialism. This neocolonialism as he called it refers to a change of the new tactics as a way to maintain the imperial power and interests in the regions regardless of the perceived autonomy these regions had. He said that “ … Giving' independence to its former subjects … followed by ‘aid' for their development … devises innumerable ways to accomplish objectives formerly achieved by naked colonialism. It is this total of these modern attempts to perpetuate colonialism while at the same time talking about ‘freedom', which has come to be known as...

Sociological Perspective

Your Title Your name Institution Date (optional). The theories in sociology give us various perspectives on how to perceive our social world. The sociological perspective is primarily defined as the study of the life of humans, their interactions, and how those interactions affect different groups and the society in general. This study invites us to observe the connections between people’s behavior and the societal structures in which they belong. Sociological perspective has the insight that the world as a whole does not have a reality that everyone perceives in the same manner but rather that every individual has his or her social construction of reality. Macro sociology is concerned with...

2010 Bp oil spill and impacts on environment and local communities

Student's Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Effects of the BP Oil Spill on the Environment and Local Communities Introduction It is quite a difficult responsibility to estimate the effects that any oil spill has on the environment or local communities, especially to the magnitude of the British Petroleum’s Deepwater Horizon. The difficulty is occasioned by numerous reasons: first the economic structure of the United States does not place any value on the death or damage of wildlife; second, it is challenging to estimate the exact physical ecosystems services that are compromised when sections of the ecology such as marshes die from oil spillage. Additionally, even though there are...

How does retirement and work in old age differs between men and women?

How Does Retirement And Work In Old Age Differ Between Men And Women? Submitted to Name Soc160 Submitted by Name Date What is the author saying? What are the main points? Pisarev A. states that research has proven that the problem of the most human capital of older people is due to the current conditions that have taken advantage of the available educational and professional potential. The age and sex structures in employment have matched on with the population portions. The majority of retired people who are still in their current jobs are those whose pensions seem not contracted for longer periods. As for other individuals the continuation of employment among the elderly is due to their...

Radical Behaviorism: Theory of Reinforcement

Scholars believed that B.F. Skinner’s view on reinforcement was derived and patterned from Thorndike's law of effect in 1911. This theory asserts that particular stimuli can function as either punishers or reinforcers in a given situation (Adams, 2000, p. 5). When Skinner developed this concept in the 1950s, he merely described the relation between stimulus and the change of behavior of a subject. This is deemed as the simplest reinforcement theory version. The radical behaviorist did not offer at all an explanation of “the why of reward’s effect on behavior” (Berridge, 2001, p. 223). As what Skinner believed: The Law of Effect is no theory. It simply specifies a procedure for altering the...

Feminisom in the U.S.A and the us of the Femeal Body

The Rhetorics of the Body in the United States Feminism Abstract Using the French-American approach to feminism, this research tries to show how the body can be used as a rhetoric device in the feminist narrative. In the same way, the article tries to show the ways the patriarchy seeks to deny women the right to know and use their bodies. It will demonstrate that the patriarchy shows itself not only in the government but also in the country’s culture, through mass media and fashion. Last, this essay aims to show how the use of the “body” as a method of self-awareness permeates today’s feminism Introduction What is feminism, and what makes a person a feminist? Before starting on...


Feminism and Equality in the 20th Century Abstract Equality of women and men is not something that occurred overnight. Instead, it has been a long process where a myriad of changes have happened to get where the issue currently is. Feminism, and feminist movements of the past two centuries have intended to use the female body as a beacon where women can rally and understand that their fight has to start by harnessing and recognizing their selves. Part of the patriarchal narrative considers women as inferior given both sexes gender differences. By using the female body as a symbol, feminist movements look forward to showing men there are equal yet different. Keywords: Feminism, female body,...