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small letter to recruiter

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small letter to recruiter

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Management

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 275

Author’s Name:
Request for a Graduate Internship
I am writing this formal request to express my feelings for the graduate internship program in your enterprise as per the career memo notice. I trust the competent skills that I will deliver excellently upon gaining experience vital in this program.
My academic qualifications correspond to the job description in the above position and make me an ideal candidate. From my university coursework, I presume I can achieve goals and work towards attaining the targets of the organizations which are essential elements in sustaining better outcome. Furthermore, I can adapt quickly to the organizational culture and consider the code of ethics from an employee point of view. I feel confident that I will cope up with the job description in bring in the immediate values to your organization.
As per your job description, I am sure that I am the right candidate to in your program who can develop productive relationships with co-workers in tailoring the policies and targets of your organization. Previously in my University, I was a member of the Red Cross Society and the debating club. I was a team leader at the Red Cross Society for two years and a secretary at the debating club. Subsequently, I was selected as the student of the year for enhancing humanity service at the Red Cross society. These demonstrate my competent skills in leadership and ability to build a team of people working towards same goa…

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