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Stakeholder Analysis: Garment Company
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Before starting our analysis, we deem necessary to lie a background of fundamental concepts as to aid the reading of this paper. We shall explain what stakeholder theory is, and how it is employed. The term refers to a management and business ethics theory that addresses the organizational values and managerial morals (Freeman, 2010). The theory also identifies the stakeholders of a company and describes how management can take decisions based on the interest of those stakeholder groups. In a strict way, stakeholder theory intends to make all the parts of the company count in the decision-making process.
Before entering into the ethical implications of our business’s decision, it is important to determine if the decision is of moral, or social interest. It is possible that the competitive factors in our business’s decision refer to a decision that is perceived as a business matter by the company’s management (Carrol & Buchholtz, 2014). In this case, we need to see whom the company is affecting its decisions, as a way to properly take on the decision. That is why, stakeholder theory is keen on understanding the complexities of the decision-making process, turning them into part of the business ethics.
In this analysis, we shall address the ethics of a decision concerning the off-shoring the garment production as a way to…

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