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SlideNjoy Technology
SlideNjoy Technology
As a student, one has a lot of researching and writing to do on class assignments and projects. To do this, one has to open a lot of links throughout the whole process. The sheer reality of limited “screen real estate” has an annoying way of slowing one down (Athow, 2015). One has to downsize the tabs so that at least two can fit on the laptop screen; this makes the words smaller and harder to read. It gets even slower when several lines of direct quotation need to be made. Since all the tabs cannot fit on one screen without overlapping, one needs to constantly cram and transfer each line in writing. The act of cramming in itself takes some time since not everyone is that gifted; on top of that, the accuracy reduces as some words might be forgotten in the transfer process. What some people do is buy applications that allow them to turn their tablets into additional screens to help combat this problem (DeRuvo, 2015). Tablets still require extra stands to place them at an angle where one does not need to constantly lower their head as they write. Other options like “portable monitors” are available too, but they are too bulky and heavy for comfort (Borghino, 2015). An invention named SlideNjoy might just be the ideal solution to all these challenges; at least for now. This paper discusses the basics of the technology that would enable any interested user access and use it without difficulty.
SlideNjoy is the globe’s first device that has the ability to increase the laptop screen size twice or thrice (Borghino, 2015). The product was the idea of a startup firm based in Belgium and a campaign to seek crowd funding for the project via “Kickstarter” was set in July this year (Athow, 2015). Going by the success of the product in its Kickstarter stage, backers should already be having the first few deliveries by now. The accessory is ultra-slim, light, remarkably portable and “freestanding” (DeRuvo, 2015).
The good thing about it is that it can work with both PC and Mac (Athow, 2015). This screen-mount hardware allows one to support up to three screens on one platform (Athow, 2015). The danger that this poses is an overload on the laptop’s hinge. This challenge has been solved by SlideNjoy by the inclusion of an extra hinge that takes the device’s weight off the laptop hinge (Borghino, 2015).
Presently, the accessory is available in two configurations and three sizes (Borghino, 2015). The current sizes are 13, 15 and 17 inches; however, the company promises to produce more sizes depending on the clients’ desires and demand. Users are also provided with a range of texture and colors that they can select from. The technology is capable of rotating through 180 degrees, allowing users to spread out the displays in different configurations. It is attached to the laptop’s primary screen by “high power magnets.” This magnetic attachment allows ample room for the SlideNjoy screens to move freely and still remain attached to the chief mount. To position, one simply puts up the gadget on its hinged stand, slides out the screens and attaches the “universal serial bus (USB) driven” in-plane switching (IPS) screens. After setting it up, one just needs to plug in the screens using a USB cable and turn on the laptop. The estimated market price is 199 Euros for an extra single screen and 299 euros for two additional screens.
In conclusion, SlideNjoy technology is indeed a brilliant idea whose time has come. For now, the prices might still be too high for many. However, considering the dynamic nature of the market, that is likely to change in due time. The only other issue that needs to be addressed by SlideNjoy is the device’s power source and consumption. Currently, it is presumed that the device draws its power from the laptop on which it is attached. Consequently, the laptop’s battery life is reduced. This factor significantly limits the laptop’s convenience and increases the preference for other devices like tablets that have their own power over SlideNjoy. All in all, the device is a great invention that deserves a chance in the market.
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