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Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep Deprivation

Category: Lab Report

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Sleep Deprivation
One of the most widespread health complications in the world is sleep deprivation, and there is the lack of adequate cautioning concerning its increase and prevalence in the modern society. A person suffering from the lack of sleep has to contend with both temporary and permanent repercussions and is at a higher risk of suffering from several disorders. The purpose of this essay, consequently, is to examine the causes and effects of sleep deprivation and give a recommendation on how to prevent the condition.
An average human being requires about seven hours of sleep at night to be able to function properly. However, some people believe they can normally work even with fewer hours of sleep. Failure to observe the recommended duration of sleep leads to the creation of a “sleep debt,” which results from the build-up of lost sleep with time there necessitating additional hours of sleep. The group of people acknowledged to lose frequently important hours of sleep is students in colleges as well as elderly individuals. The main reason for the lack of sleep among college students is the need to meet tight deadlines while balancing social activities such as parties. Among senior citizens, the main cause is the long naps taken in the course of the day and old-age diseases such as Alzheimer’s (Colten and Bruce, 197).
Effects and Prevention
Sleep deprivation leads to some complications. Not only does it pose serious health issues for the body and personalities, it additionally leads to a decrease in academic performance among students and senior people. The practice encourages the use of drugs such as marijuana and excessive intake of caffeine, and cigarettes. Sleep deprivation also leads to gradual memory loss and also confusion. According to research, the longer a person sleeps, the happier they are and this reflects on their health and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation similarly affects the individuals around the victim. Fatigue increases irritability and short bouts of anger, which is a personality that does not make good company. Sleep deprivation is also responsible for close to 200,000 each year in the United States alone (Samaan, 36). Considering that the condition is preventable, such statistics are deeply troubling. Also, the chances of making errors and mistakes increase the more a person is tired, a factor that is of grave concern in the medical field.
The problem of sleep deprivation can be prevented by taking the time to improve the sleeping situation of sufferers to ensure longer and higher quality of sleep. One crucial factor is the environment an individual sleeps in, requiring the maintenance of a comfortable temperature. The more comfortable a person is, the higher the chances of them falling into sleep. Another key factor is exercise as well as recommended eating habits that the duration and quality of sleep. A typical exercise should last at least 30 minutes to be effective, however, exercising inside three hours before retiring to bed has been established to increase the difficulty of getting sleep as sleeping elevates the body temperature (Bianchi, 136).
In conclusion, the lack of sleep among college students and elderly people is of significant concern. Other than exposing the body to mental and physical harms, it has a negative effect on the people around the sufferer. For a person to live a long and healthy life, it is necessary that they are aware of the recommended hours of sleep and observe it.
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