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single mother parenting and depression in US rev

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Single Mother Parenting and Depression in the United States
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Single Mother Parenting and Depression in the United States
This paper will discuss different aspects of depression in single mothers during the past few decades. This concern has been increasing at quite an alarming pace thereby leading to different intervention options available to them at hand. Hence, an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) would serve in the best interest of serving the clients suffering from the very same problem.
Client Characteristics, Context and Practical Issue
Elsa Miles is a 34 years old single mother and has two children James and Kate. The client is living her life in the very depressed way. Her aim is to fulfill the needs of their children (pay fees in time, living expenditures, managing expenses, parenting, and deal with health stresses that are quite commonly associated with depression. Her goals are to solve all problem occurred on her way to gives a better life for her children, but there are so many hurdles to achieve that. It includes doing double shifts jobs and trying to make more money to secure their children’s future but sometimes she is not succeeding, and this is responsible for her depression.
While she is depressed, she used to drink and smoke quite much as compared to normal days. Her husband war died of cancer on May 25th, 2009, and it has been around six years. Currently, she is working as a sales gir…

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