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Since the beginning of time, literature has been a core part of human culture

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Since the beginning of time, literature has been a core part of human culture. It is through literature that human beings are able to interact with one another. The Merchant of Venice is a romantic comedy which gives a good example of how literature provides a source of entertainment as well as, giving an approach to human nature. Literature enable enables us to understand humanity and how people are different from one another in terms of character. Literature also enables us to understand how human mind works by portraying what is going on in someone’s mind (Westling, 2014). The Merchant of Venice also shows how human beings interact with one another. It is a story that brings out laughter due to the down fall of one of the characters known as Antonio. Throughout the play there is a lot of a lot laugher thus making it a comic play. Literature is a form of social studies which provides a form of entertainment. From the readings we see that if people took time to study literature, they would have a deeper and clear understanding of human behavior and also the working of human mind. We also see that study of literature gives one a deeper knowledge on how people interact with one another. Although literature may not be 100% accurate, study reveals that in most cases it is correct (Goody, 2013)
Narratives are part of human literature where by stories are shared either in writing or in form of movies. In order for a piece of writing to be considered as a s…

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