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Similarity paper

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Similarity paper

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Composition

Level: High School

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Similarities between Crossing Jordan Remember the Titans and ‘Wayfarin Stranger.’

There are many of similarities between the Crossing Jordan Remember the Titans and ‘Wayfarin Stranger.’ One of the major similarities is that they both discuss the topic of prejudice with the whites and the blacks.
To relate Crossing Jordan to Remember the Titans is the prejudice between the whites and blacks. In Crossing Jordan, it was Seth and Leona who did not want their daughters: Cass and Jemmie, to get together. In Remember the Titans, it was the two races, which had prejudice. In Crossing Jordan and Remember the Titans, both races start to get together and eventually become friends at the end. Sometimes something tragic would cause this.
Another similarity is that in both texts, someone tries to spread them apart. In Crossing Jordan, Seth forced Cass not to be with Jemmie. At the same time, Leona forced Jemmie not to be with Cass. However, this did not last because they ended up being together at the end. In Remember the Titans, it was Gerry’s mom, other parents, and siblings who did not want them to be together, but later allowed them to do so.
One last similarity in the texts is that even if there was something blocking the characters to get together, but they somehow managed to go through it. In Crossing Jordan, it was the fence and her dad who was blocking the path to friendship. However, in Remember the Titans, it was their attitude that of course made them not to like each other.
On the other hand, there are similarities between Remember the Titans to the song ‘Wayfarin Stranger.’ First, there is a high level of prejudice between whites and blacks. In Remember the Titans, it was the two races that did not want to be together, but then became friends. In ‘Wayfarin Stranger’ the slaves gained freedom because they did not want to be owned by anyone. Another similarity is that both races rely on each other. In Remember The Titans, they depended on each other to do good and have good sportsmanship and teamwork. In ‘Wayfarin Stranger’ it was the slaves who depended on their owner to live, and the owner to own a slave. One last similarity is that the line “I’ll soon be free, from every trial” relates to the movie. In football, a player has to be free and try to treat the team members respectfully.
In conclusion, there are lots of similarities between Crossing Jordan Remember the Titans and ‘Wayfarin Stranger’. The tree articles share a discussion on the theme of prejudice. The interaction between the whites and blacks is full of hatred. By belonging to different races, the whites and blacks do not treat each other with respect. They do not feel like people who enjoy equal status in the society.

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