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Should two years of comity college be free?

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Should two years of comity college be free?

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15 April 2015
Should Two Years of Community College Be Free?
Community colleges in the United States are mainly attended by people, who are rejoining the education system after a gap of a few years. In most cases the community colleges act as preparatory schools for students who intend to reinitiate their education in another direction. In some cases it helps the people employed in different industries to refine their skills and improve their positions in the job markets. Given the fact that education is increasingly becoming costly in the United States of America and around the world, a good number of the students in community colleges are applying for student aid. This means that apart from students, who are primarily focusing on their educational needs, people who choose education as a means to further their career rather than academic activities are also looking towards student aids. This raises the question if the two years of community college education should be made free of cost.
The United States of America has one of the costliest education systems in the entire world. While other developed countries like Germany, Denmak and Norway are moving towards a virtually free of cost education, the US has systematically been burdening the students with high education costs. This means that students from economically weaker backgrounds would be unable to provide themselves wi…

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